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The BHEF would like to thank the Bradley Hills community for helping to make the Spring Auction & Fundraiser a huge success!

Click to order yours today!

(We'll install in the Fall!)


The Bradley Hills Education Foundation (also known as the Foundation or BHEF) was founded in 2004 by a group of concerned parents of Bradley Hills Elementary School (BHES) students. These parents saw many necessary improvements to the school that had been put on hold for years (or possibly indefinitely) due to funding insufficiency in the Montgomery County Public School system (MCPS). In order to improve this situation, BHEF was formed to provide students at BHES a safer and engaging learning environment.  Each year the Foundation works with the school administration, identifies and funds necessary facility improvements/repair projects, technology upgrades, curriculum enhancement, and community outreach programs. Its main source of funding is donations from BHES families and local businesses.  When you donate to the Foundation, you are making an investment in your child's future.The Bradley Hills Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Foundation Board Members

2022-2023 BHEF Board


Kit Leininger, Co-President

Meghan Gudelsky, Co-President

Sylvia Favretto, Treasurer

Katie Iverson, Secretary

Chris Washington, Member

Michelle Feld, Member

Erinn Tobin, Member

Jen Villani, Member

Carolyn Figoten, Member

The Bradley Hills Education Foundation also invites you to buy an engraved brick and cement your legacy at BHES forever! Personalized bricks will be displayed permanently on the school grounds. Proceeds from the brick campaign will be used to fund technology and curriculum enhancements that are not funded by MCPS.

Families are welcome to buy Personalized Bricks expressing appreciation for Bradley Hills, all teachers/staff, with family names, or in honor of special students (Please no political, religious or commercial messages).

Each brick displays 3 lines of personalized text (up to 18 characters per line).

Bricks cost $100 each and can be ordered through the Foundation website. 

Click below to order!

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